DJ Play It was created for one simple purpose: helping DJs of all skill levels to become the best that they can be by staying up-to-date with the latest controllers and technology.

In today’s age of DJing, accessing the right tools and information are half of the struggle in learning to become a great DJ.

Even though it can be a little overwhelming to learn all the picky details and technical details involved in learning how to DJ, we believe that anybody can develop themselves to become the next best DJ in the world.

DJing is a career, lifestyle, and passion. Here at DJ Play It, we understand the drive that keeps you out all night mixing for your clients. There are few things in life better than the feeling of spinning for a large crowd of party animals dancing the night away.

As a DJ, you are the life of the party. We want you to be successful at what you do.

The industry of DJing has changed a lot since the days of people like DJ Kool Herc, Africa Bambaataa, Grand Grandmaster Flash, and Grand Wizzard Theodore. These people, among countless others, are both pioneers and legends in the DJ industry.

People like this are one of the biggest reasons that people like us are able to make a career in this industry in the first place.

That being said, the technology that is available for DJs these days makes it a great time for anybody who is willing to put in the effort to quickly learn how to become a DJ and start mixing tracks like your favorite professional.

The level of technology that we have at our disposal makes many aspects of DJing a lot simpler than they were historical. Especially when we consider the benefits of using one of the best DJ controllers.

Whether you are a professional DJ in the club circuit, a producer who dreams of touring around the world and playing their tracks, or a complete beginner, a DJ controller is a great tool for any modern DJ to have in their setup.

Due to the countless benefits and conveniences that come along with using a DJ controller, DJ Play it wants you to understand everything there is to know about DJ controllers, along with all the latest news and updates.

DJ Play It was founded by a DJ and nightlife addict with over 10 years working and studying the industry. Starting from humble beginnings and a minimalist setup, he soon found himself in charge of a successful mobile DJ business while simultaneously working full-time for his clients while holding various resident positions at bars and clubs in the USA.

If an average guy like this can work their way up to be successful in the industry, so can you.

However, making it in this industry requires a lot more than the initial decision to learn how to DJ. You need to practice. You need to market yourself. You will also need to learn a lot of information which may not always be easy for you to process (like some basic music theory).

Most importantly, you need to have access to the best products and tools and stay updated with the latest developments and technology. We will keep you up-to-date and informed so that you can keep practicing and upgrading your setup.

With the right tools, effort, and information, anybody can become the next great DJ.