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How to Connect a DJ controller to PA Speakers

Learning how to connect a DJ controller to your PA speakers is something you must know before your first gig. When it comes time to perform for a larger audience, the last thing you need is to run into problems and technical issues. On this page, we will break down how to connect your DJ controller to […]

How to Connect DJ Controller to Computer Speakers

Learning how to connect your DJ controller to computer speakers is easy. If you are having a hard time connecting your newly bought DJ controller to your computer and your computer/desktop speakers, you have come to the right place.Follow these three easy steps and you will be all set to start mixing with your new DJ controller.How to […]

Do You Need a Mixer with a DJ Controller?

do you need a mixer with a dj controller

As a DJ, you are constantly needed on the mixer. When we look through any of the top DJ controllers, though, is clear is is clear that you do not need a mixer with most DJ controller setups. Do You Need a Mixer with a DJ Controller?No. Using a separate standalone mixer is not necessary […]

DJ Controllers vs All-in-One Controllers

dj controller vs all in one

DJ Controller vs All-in-One ControllerDJ controllers are a wonderful choice for anybody who wants to become a professional DJ without emptying out their bank account to invest in their setup. Not all DJ controllers are the same though. All-in-one controllers tend to have some different functions. Here are the differences we find when we compare […]

Best DJ Software: Our Top Choices for Professional DJs

what dj software do most djs use

With a lot of options presented to you in the market when it comes to DJ software, it can be quite challenging to know which is the best for you. On this page, we are going to discuss and review all of the best DJ software. Quick Navigation Our Reviews for Each of the Top […]