3 Creative Ways to Use DJ Cue Points

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DJ cue points are one of the most important tools in your arsenal as a professional DJ. Just about any sort of DJ rig these days includes the ability to create and use cue points.

Cue points are usually created using multi-functional drum pads for things like loops, samples, and so on. When used correctly, DJ cue points can massively enhance the potential of each set.

Since you are already reading this, you probably already have a basic idea on how to use cue points. On this page, we will discuss 3 creative ways to use DJ cue points in your next set! 

1. Using Chords on Key During Transitions

Ever been in a jam session where the same chords get played over and over again as you smoothly transition from song to song? The same can be done with your DJ cue points.

You can use special cue points to match each chord in a measure. All you have to do is take cue point from one track and match them with each of the chords on your current track.

You can either show how creative you can be with live custom intros or extend the intros using these cues. You can also build your own track using the same desired chords.

As we see in the example above, you can take the chords and notes from one song, make your own cue points from another song to match them, and then instantly blend masterfully between two different tracks. 

2. At Each Major Change in a Song

Setting cue points on each major change in a song such as the start of verses, choruses, and so on, will help you elevate your creative potential while mixing songs live.

If you spend enough time customizing and mastering your cue points, you can easily remix songs live seamlessly.

Extending an outro using DJ cue points can be a savior at times especially when you need more time to mix your next track. Especially if you don't have your own official DJ edit file which naturally extends these things for you.

Custom edits are also useful for making mashups. Some DJs create their custom edits beforehand using a digital audio workstation.

DJs who don't make their own edits usually pay for files like this and download them from a DJ record pool with cue points already installed at the start of each major change in a song. 

3. With a DJ Effects Controller

To unlock your full potential with DJ cue points, you should consider getting one of the best DJ effects controllers.

As described by Audio Ordeal, DJ cue points can be used to hype up the beat at an increasing frequency to add excitement to a track's buildup. Especially during transitions. 

In order to do this technique, among various others, we highly recommend using a DJ effects controller like the Novation Launchpad along with software like Ableton Live.

DJ effects controllers usually have a lot more performance drum pads for you to work with, and allow for much more creativity than a standard DJ controller.

When you use a DJ effects controller, though, the potential for creativity is limitless. 

Need Some Help Finding the Right Controller?

Typically, a standard 2-deck DJ controller will only have 8 or so drum pads on each channel which you can use as cue points. Many DJs think this is not enough. 

If you are searching for a controller to help you elevate your game with DJ cue points, be sure to look at our best DJ effects controllers.

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