How to Know if You Should be a DJ: 5 Signs You Should be a DJ

how to know if you should be a dj
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How to Know if You Should Be a DJ

Are you considering learning how to become a DJ and make money? If so, you could be on the brink of one of the most important career decisions you will ever make. There are many different rewards for being a DJ. From being able to party for a living to having all of the nicest music gear in town, the perks of this job are clear. However, not everybody is a natural DJ. Here are 5 signs on how to know if you should be a DJ. 

1. You Love Dance Parties More than Your Friends

how to know you would be a good dj

Have you ever gone out with your friends to a dance party or night club? Were you the guy in the middle of the dance floor getting the party started, or the one on the corner? A natural DJ is the kind of person who will always find themselves boosting the energy of any party that they attend. They will be bouncing off the walls, completely oblivious to others’ opinions. If this is you, then imagine what your capabilities will be as a professional DJ.

2. You are Experienced with Reading & Feeling Music

how to know you would be a good dj

In the world of DJing, you can either fake it till you make it or build off the natural skills you already have. For the best results, though, you should ideally have lots of background experience in music to really excel as a DJ. After all, using a DJ controller is much like playing a musical instrument. You should also learn to feel the patterns and rhythm of the music in order to know when to drop your transitions, which songs to mix with, and so on.

3. You have a Great Personality & Stage Presence

stage presence of dj

The stage is one area where just about any successful person in the music industry, including DJs, will excel the most. DJs tend to have natural people skills which shine throughout each public event they attend. When they are on the microphone, a DJ won’t need to question their words or confidence. They are naturally very good at handling people, talking on the microphone, and handling basic MC tasks.

4. Your Music Library is Very Diverse

how to become a dj and make money

With the advent of DJ controllers, it has become a lot easier to grow your music library these days. DJs will typically have over 30,000 songs in their library. If you are searching for a tell-tale sign of how to know you should be a DJ, this is one of the most important factors to consider. A good DJ knows music. They will be able to pull up great songs in just about any era or genre and can work with diverse crowds that like different types of music.

5. You Never Give Up When Things Get Rough

never quit

This is something which is not only great as a professional DJ but for anybody who has dreams and ambition. One of the biggest reasons people never quite learn how to make it in this industry is because they quit prematurely. You may not become a successful DJ in the first year or so of your career. If you never quit and continue getting better, the sky is the limit.

How to Know if You Should be a DJ

When you are unsure how to know if you should be a DJ or not, start by considering if this is something which you really want to do. As long as you are hard-working and willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary along the way, you can become a DJ and start making this a career. To help you get started, here are some of the best DJ controllers to use with your first setup.

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